STLVegGirl Visits Forum in September

Caryn made black bean and pumpkin enchiladas while answering our questions and sharing interesting information on nutrition. One quick tip: She believes we can make delicious. food without any oil. Oil has 120 calories/tablespoon, is 100% fat, and has 0 fiber. While it may taste delicious, limiting your intake can be a healthier alternative to dousing your pan with butters and oils. Plus, just like oil creates a buffer in your pan so the food can move around easily, it creates a buffer in your mouth and prevents you from fully tasting the food.
What’s the biggest thing you can do to change your diet and become healthier and more plant-based? Add fiber. There is lots of research about the wonders of fiber including health benefits for weight, skin, sleep, and gut. Caryn says Week 1 make sure your diet has 20 grams of fiber per day. Week 2:  30 grams of fiber per day. Week 3:  40 grams of fiber per day. A healthy diet should include 40-50 grams of fiber each day.
Watch the full presentation here.
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