Submit Trailblazer Nominations by February 28,2021

The Trailblazer Award was created in 1994 to recognize a woman who was an influential community leader, was “the first” in her field, or made a significant contribution toward elevating the image of women in business.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to nominate an outstanding woman who not only represents great accomplishments in her field but furthers the reputation of St. Louis Forum as a remarkable organization.  

The Trailblazer Award Committee and the St. Louis Forum Board of Directors invite you to submit a candidate who you feel deserves this special recognition and award.  While there are certainly many deserving candidates outside the membership, consideration is given to current St. Louis Forum members.  Nominations are accepted only from St. Louis Forum members.  The recipient will be recognized at the April luncheon meeting.  

Member nominees will be considered for the annual St. Louis Forum Trailblazer Award based on the criteria listed below.  Nominations should be thorough and complete, reflecting the candidates' record of achievements throughout her lifetime.  A committee consisting of previous Trailblazer recipients will review nominees and recommend a winner to the Board of Directors.


  • The candidate is influential in the community and/or was a pioneer in her field, e.g., the first female executive at a high (or the highest) level within her industry, corporation, organization, or in a significant governmental role.
  • The candidate is the first woman to have been named to, or chaired, a particular board of directors..
  • Through the business community, the candidate has achieved recognition for accomplishments that would have a connection to the goals of the St. Louis Forum.
  • The candidate has made a significant contribution towards elevating the image of women’s roles in the community and/or in business.
  • The candidate shows a consistent pattern of achievement. 
  • Current board members may not be considered for this award. 

Nominations due no later than 2/28/2021.

Nominating someone using our online formusing the WORD document or PDF