Meet Tracy McCreery

Meet Tracy McCreery
A big congratulations to Tracy, who was reelected in November as State Representative of Missouri!

For more than 20 years, Tracy has dedicated herself to policy and advocacy work in Jefferson City. Prior to politics, she worked predominantly in the healthcare sector in pharmaceuticals and telecommunications. When asked, why the move from business to politics? She responded with fervor—the switch was invoked by a dedication to issues that affect women and families.
While the role of State Rep can be trying, it also presents ample opportunity for reward. As a minority party member, she stresses the importance of teamwork and compromise—key tenets to pass legislation. She also relishes in the support of her family and friends—a strong group of women supporting women. A supportive network of female friends is all the more important in a predominantly male House—less than 25% of Missouri’s State Reps are female.
As 2020 was an election year, politics has been top-of-mind for most. If interested in getting involved in state politics, Tracy recommends engaging in local elections at the city or county level. She also encourages getting involved on school boards in your communities.
Apart from her active political involvement, Tracy enjoys gardening, among other hobbies. For more than a decade, she’s been involved with the local non-profit Olivette in Bloom, a community gardening initiative that honors the natural beauty of Olivette, a St. Louis suburb. All are welcome! For more info, visit Olivette in Bloom’s website.
Tracy also enjoys hiking. She hiked the Grand Canyon, from rim-to-rim. Quite a feat, to say the least!
To get the 411 on elections, Tracy recommends “Election Insiders” by Gloria Shur Bilchik.  

Rep. Tracy McCreery (D-MO 88) during her recent swearing in ceremony.