Mental Healthcare Works

JoAnne Levy brought a team of Mercy experts to Forum to help us better understand a highly important and relevant healthcare need in our country--- addressing mental health and suicide risk. This is a “we” issue. It can’t be solved by psychiatrists or therapists alone. It truly takes a village.
Mercy has a huge commitment to behavioral health, from programmatic solutions and response to ensuring access and timely care. 56% of Americans right now are seeking mental healthcare. Of those, only 40% will be able to access timely and appropriate care. And, it doesn’t matter whether or not you have insurance!
Dr. Shelah Radke, also a JD, explained that part of the problem is a business/financial one. 75% of health systems across our country place greater importance on physical health solutions than mental health solutions. There is inequity in reimbursement, which motivates medical students to select other specialties. Our country is not set up to meet the demand for these services.
And yet, we know mental healthcare works. When you are able to provide timely, appropriate care, the clinical outcomes are strong. If we could shift our focus to mental health, we would see much greater outcomes. Treatment works. But the people who need it may struggle to get it.
There is so much more to learn by watching the whole program here. Thanks for a timely and meaningful discussion!