Meet Carolyn Hentschell

Carolyn is the President of Handi-Craft Company, a company that is the exclusive licensee and distributor of Dr. Brown’s products. Dr. Brown is best known for their anti-colic baby bottle which is sold in 50+ countries and has become the number one selling bottle in the US. Additionally, the company sells a wide-range of baby products-- from pacifiers and training cups to dental care and electronics.
Carolyn started at a marketing communications firm where she worked for 18 years; Handi-Craft was her client. She made an outstanding impression while working with them and was subsequently recruited to be their VP of Sales. She then moved to COO and, within two years, was named President. She has now been at Handi-Craft for 18 years.
Their supply chain has been greatly affected by COVID, a pervasive problem for most, if not all, manufacturers and distributors. The business has also been challenged by the cost of raw materials, labor, and tariffs. Despite the obstacles, Carolyn has maintained a positive outlook. She loves a good challenge that she can tackle head-on.
Carolyn is a big believer in a shared mission as a tool to breed success. She thinks strong leadership means helping employees understand the mission and how they contribute to achieving it.
Carolyn is married and has two children. One is a web developer who works for Handi-Craft, and one is a genetic counselor. Carolyn is a big reader and loves all things food (especially Cajun and Creole, as she grew up in New Orleans). They love to travel and have just gotten back from a trip to Glacier National Park.
Carolyn recommends you check out the restaurant scene in St. Louis. There are so many great chefs in this community, and it is fun to try them out. Two new(ish) places she recommends are Indo and Tempus.