Meet Zundra Bryant

Please join the Forum in congratulating Zundra on her recent promotion to VP, Human Resource (HR) Operations at Centene, a managed care company ranked #24 of the Fortune 500.  She oversees 80+ people who work in four areas of HR:  (1) ask HR, an employee facing contact center; (2) talent attraction services (interview scheduling and temp-to-perm employee conversions); (3) HR technology services and (4) HR mergers and acquisitions.
She finds the work meaningful because employees count on her and her team to provide solutions to some of their most pressing needs. She enjoys helping her team fulfill personal and professional aspirations and the ability to contribute to the culture at Centene--a huge focus of the organization.
She also finds it satisfying to work in healthcare and be able to support addressing some of the disparities that marginalized people experience in both St. Louis and throughout the United States. They are working to put some valuable programs in place that will provide greater access to healthcare. As a woman of color, Zundra finds her ability to affect change greatly rewarding.
Zundra also gives back to her community in other ways. She sits on four boards:  Arch Grants, YWCA Metro St. Louis, Professional Organization of Women, Inc (POW) and St. Louis Forum. In each of these organizations there is a strategic focus on supporting people of color, often with a focus on women. POW is rethinking their overall strategic direction as they look to improve their impact on access to opportunities for Black women in the workplace. It’s a daunting and fascinating challenge to take a closer look at how to truly improve outcomes for women of color. 
Zundra is married to her high school sweetheart. They met at 15/16 and have been married for 26 years. They have two daughters. She loves to travel, read, dance, laugh and sing. And she’s enjoying the early stages of being an empty nester.
Zundra recommends two restaurants—Novellus and Prasino in St. Charles … and, according to Zundra, it’s worth driving to St. Charles! One more thing…lean into Forum. The more you give, the more you will receive.