Meet Dana Lasley

Dana is the Director of Global Tax Planning at Emerson. She ensures consistency in how the company operates from a tax perspective. Emerson has been in business for over 100 years and has acquired many companies along the way. While it is complex to stay on top of the constantly changing tax laws in our country, as well as in others, this challenge is precisely what makes the role interesting for Dana. She looks at the various processes used throughout the organization and determines how best to streamline those processes for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
Of course, change is hard, as some can be reticent to it. So part of Dana’s role is change management-- to help her team see the potential upside and get them to embrace new ways of operating.
Prior to Emerson, Dana was at Deloitte and Bryan Cave. She is both an attorney and an accountant and has worked with the Tax Section of the American Bar Association, which provides continuing legal education and networking/partnering opportunities.
Forum has been a big support to Dana in various points of her career. She has worked in male-dominated environments and found the company of other women leaders to be both supportive and helpful.
Dana sees good leadership as supporting her team in its decisions, regardless of whether she thinks it’s the best one. She sees herself as instrumental in her people’s professional development and growth.
Dana was recently married to her partner of 15 years. Along with the marriage came two step-daughters and their families.  She loves to read, travel, and garden.
Dana’s recommendation is a book by Kristin Hannah, “The Four Winds” a story of a woman with determination and grit.