Meet Diane Brockmeier

Diane just celebrated 35 years at Mid America Transplant where she is president and CEO. Many things have changed in the time Diane has been there: growing from six employees to 180 and all of the medical advancements that have happened during that time. But the mission has remained constant: to save lives through excellence in organ and tissue donation. Diane’s organization services a specific region: the eastern half of Missouri, one-third of southern Illinois and the northeastern corner of Arkansas. They work between life and death – it’s a very emotional workspace. They deal with people at their lowest lows and their highest highs and are humbled to serve these families. It is a constant effort to continuously improve the systems in hospitals and educate the staff so that more lives can be saved. Or as Diane put it, “people are dying waiting for us to get better.”

Diane’s work is embodied in public trust. As a leader, she has learned that you have to be true to yourself and your organization. She feels that her leadership is about meeting people where they are and understanding what is important to them. One’s ability to connect with people is what results in strong leadership.

Diane is married and has a daughter living and teaching in Kansas City. She loves to scrapbook and does it to memorialize some of her favorite memories. She also enjoys travel and reading.

Diane’s recommendation: Weston, Missouri. A little town outside of Kansas City. One of those little gems you might not ever hear about, but it is great fun.