Meet Kama Tate

Kama Tate Gregory is the definition of someone who is driven to help others succeed. After two decades of working as an executive director for various non-profits — including the largest domestic violence shelter in the state of Georgia and a non-profit health clinic in the state of Tennessee — Kama decided to change gears and started her own consulting firm. Tate Consulting was born.

Now, ten years later, Kama is still going strong. Tate Consulting focuses on helping non-profits build better businesses and extend their reach. She guides them away from one-off events, even if they are successful, in order to help them build fundraising programs that have a demonstrative impact on the world around them. She works with them to develop strategic-growth plans in order to deepen their organization’s reach and impact on the people that interact with them. She also helps address the duplicity of services within the organizations she consults for. She does this by fostering collaboration with other non-profit organizations that are serving a similar clientele base. This has presented challenges because clients are often territorial and resistant (initially) to collaborate, but they usually see the power of collaboration and bringing funders together in order for all organizations to thrive.

Kama has found deep satisfaction in helping organizations with big hearts become smarter and more agile businesses. In addition to her work with Tate Consulting, she is passionate about women’s issues and causes, and she’s invested in making the St. Louis community a better place. Living in ten different states in previous years, she is happy to call St. Louis home. In addition to the many organizations that Kama serves through her business, she sits on the Board of Five Acres Animal Shelter in St. Charles and a task force advocating for women’s leadership called Maryville University’s Force.

Kama is a single mom of a 15- and 12-year-old. Her recommendation: check out the Last Hotel on Washington Avenue in downtown St. Louis. It’s a beautifully restored hotel with a great restaurant and rooftop bar.