Meet Melissa Jones!

Meet a new member! Melissa Jones is the Divisional Executive Director of Development at
The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army exists "to meet human need wherever, whenever, and
however, they can,” with programs including disaster relief, food assistance, job training, afterschool
programs, and more. When considering whether to join the organization, Melissa read the Salvation
Army’s international magazine, “All the World.” An article told the story of young transgender
refugees making their way from Venezuela into Brazil, and the Salvation Army's mission to provide
extra support to them and the LGBTQ community. It was their commitment to meet human needs
without discrimination that drew her to the role.
Melissa and her team cover the Midland Division of the Salvation Army, 150 counties in
Missouri and Southern Illinois. With 10 direct reports and more than 70 employees, every day is
unique and busy!
As a leader of such a large team, there are many complex leadership lessons that Melissa has
learned over the course of her career. Advocating for her team and ensuring they have what they need
to do their work is one of them, and she tells them so often. She talks about their accomplishments
with other leadership and “sings their praises” whenever she can! Melissa has learned the importance of
a growth mindset and allowing room for failure, which allows her team to innovate and achieve great
Outside of work, Melissa devotes her time to volunteering for organizations centered in service
and compassion. Melissa was nominated as president of the board of Faith Through Fire, an
organization that provides support, guidance, encouragement, and wisdom to women who have been
diagnosed with breast cancer. She also serves on the board for UCP Heartland, an organization that
provides support for individuals and families who are differently abled.
Melissa is married and has three children. She identifies as a lifelong learner and loves to read.
She’s currently studying The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni. Biking and hiking are
some of her favorite pastimes, especially on the Katy Trail.
Melissa’s Recommendation: Read “The Ideal Team Player” by Patrick Lencioni. The book
talks about hiring individuals who are humble, hungry, and smart. It’s a quick read with real jewels on