Meet Elise Miller-Hoffman

Elise Miller Hoffman is Chief Operating Officer at ImageMover, General Partner at Cultivation Capital, a dynamic leader, and a champion for equity in St. Louis.  After getting her MBA at Washington University, she dove headfirst into her career, working in venture capital investing and growing businesses into successful and profitable organizations. 

Elise enjoys working in the startup world because it’s forward-looking; she’s someone who lives in the future. Working in healthcare, she is always looking for ways that technology and data can improve patient outcomes and experiences with the healthcare system. At ImageMover, she is focused on commercializing a new software product – Workflow Services – which enables pharmacists to practice at the top of their license by performing clinical services. Workflow Services is poised to become the leading software platform for the federal “test to treat” initiative, in which pharmacists can test for an illness, such as flu or strep throat, and prescribe treatment on-site at a community pharmacy.

When Elise first started in the field, she began learning how to be successful while truly being herself. She has learned the importance and the benefits of leading through relationship building and partnership.  “It’s about finding your unique leadership style,” she says. “For those in a male-dominated field, that style might look different from those you learned from.”

Elise was raised in Texas and now considers herself a proud St. Louisan. She enjoys contributing to the growth of the startup ecosystem through her work at Cultivation Capital,  and participating in efforts to foster inclusive economic growth and racial equity in the region. Elise is a board member at Forward Through Ferguson and St. Louis Equity & Entrepreneurship Collective. 

Elise is married to Matt, a born and bred St. Louisan. As a new parent, much of Elise’s time outside of work is spent with her daughter, Madeleine. She is a runner and has a motivational group text chain with fellow St. Louis-based Peloton riders. 

Elise's recommendation: “Find your people – friends who encourage you to define and achieve your goals, who you can talk through challenging business situations with, and who both support and challenge you along the way!”