Membership Criteria

St. Louis Forum, the region’s foremost organization for influential women leaders, creates an engaging environment that facilitates connections, learning and collaboration. St. Louis Forum promotes the advancement of women through distinctive experiences that enable influential women leaders to connect and grow professionally and personally.


Eligibility Guidelines and Member Expectations

The purpose of the St. Louis Forum is to provide a forum for professional women in the greater St. Louis area who have distinguished themselves through significant achievements in their chosen fields.  The goals of the organization are:
  1. To provide networking opportunities for the members to meet, seek guidance, and share common interests and ideas;
  2. To advance women in their professions and in the community;
  3. To recognize and celebrate the success of women in their professions and in the community; and
  4. To give members access to information about a wide range of issues and topics through discussions, experiences, access to outstanding speakers and thought leaders at meetings.
Members comprise a broad continuum of disciplines and variety of industries, with a balance of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations represented.  All members have achieved a level of influence in their professional and civic life in St. Louis. 
Prospective members shall be considered according to the following membership statement and criteria:
  • Leadership position within the company or organization
  • Community, charitable, political and religious leadership roles
  • High potential professional with demonstrated leadership competencies
Forum members are expected to:
  • Pay annual dues (1st year includes one-time administration fee)
  • Attend at least 3 events each year
  • Consider participation on a committee


We accept applications throughout the year.  New applications are considered by July 31 of each year for membership beginning September 1.

We have extended the submission deadline to July 14 for the 2022-2023 application season.

Ways to Nominate New Members




Download Application for manual submission 

Questions? Please contact our St. Louis Forum Administrators at Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to being in touch!