Meet Kristin Thompson Poelker

Kristin is a financial advisor at Renaissance Financial, a financial firm that uses creative business and personal planning to help clients achieve financial freedom, one relationship at a time. Kristin identifies as a math and science brain and has always loved problem-solving and planning. As a financial advisor, the problems that she’s solving have the weight of real impact on the lives of her clients. In helping someone pay off their debt, pay for a child’s education, or pay for a wedding, she gets to do the things she enjoys while making a deep impact on people’s lives. The longer she works in her field, the more fulfilling it gets.

Kristin has worked at Renaissance Financial for 11 years; it’s the small things that keep her there. She gets to work with high school and college students frequently, which she enjoys, and the autonomy her company allows is a key factor in her long tenure with Renaissance—she gets to choose both her clients and hours.

It might sound cheesy, but when it comes to leadership, with every success, she wants to make it better, easier, and more efficient for the people coming behind her, in particular women and African American women. “Also cheesy,” she says “but being myself in every way, and being my best self, has made me a better leader in both my professional and personal life.” 

Kristin serves on the board of College Bound, an organization that empowers students from disadvantaged backgrounds to complete higher education and enter successful careers. As a board member, she feels like she’s both making an impact for good and connecting with the students that College Bound serves. Connecting with the students and being able to inspire and encourage them through her work makes her time with College Bound deeply fulfilling to her.  

If you were to meet Kristin, you would hear about her parents. They’ve shaped who she is in many ways and she feels fortunate to be close to them as an adult. She spends time with them and her family at least once a week. She shares many interests with her husband and they will do anything together, especially watching and going to the movies. When they travel, they love to interact with local people and locations. She’s passionate about health and movement and especially enjoys yoga as a solo activity and at yoga studios in groups.

Kristin's recommendation: Start every day with water and hydration! It may be the “yogi” in her, but it wakes you up and kicks off your day well. 

Kristin Thompson Poelker is a registered representative and investment advisor representative of Securian Financial Services, Inc.  Securities and investment advisory services offered through Securian Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC. Renaissance Financial is independently owned and operated. <5700 Oakland Ave Ste 400, St. Louis, MO 63110> 5085998 DOFU 11/2022