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Stacey Morse Member Highlight

It would be difficult to summarize Stacey Morse’s journey succinctly. Her story is a remarkable testament to the importance of evolution, adaptation, and the balance between creativity and analytical thinking. From an unexpected exploration of the creative arts in college to building a successful leadership development company with her husband, Stacey has the kind of life experiences that make her an excellent and inspiring leader. 

Stacey and her husband, Stuart, met in college at age 19. While creativity and art were familiar elements to both of their families, their career perspectives were analytical and business-oriented. They both embarked on traditional career paths—Stacey in business and Stuart in management/engineering. Stacey took a break two and a half years into her degree at the University of Missouri. She started working full-time for an engineering firm and went back to school (as a full-time student, in addition to working full-time.) During this time, she took a photography class at Maryville University. “It opened up my world,” Stacey says. Encouraged by their professors, both Stacey and Stuart took the leap of faith and changed their degrees to major in fine arts. “We kind of freaked out our families!” Stacey says, laughing

This exploration was not just a diversion; it became the pivotal point of their lives.  Stacey, through her photography, began addressing how companies wanted to communicate their stories and products. Working closely with a well-known photographer as a mentor, she further honed her skills, not only in photography but also in understanding client needs and creating compelling visual narratives.

Stacey and Stuart's foray into the arts equipped them with a unique perspective and an even more unique set of skills, allowing them to serve as a bridge between creativity and analytical thinking for leaders not only in the St. Louis area but nationally and internationally. It started with conversations—discussions about how to help individuals and teams work together more efficiently and more creatively.

The Morse Group, co-founded by Stacey and Stuart, emerged from this fusion of creative and analytical thinking. For over 30 years, they have been instrumental in helping leaders and organizations adopt new ways of thinking and problem-solving. Their approach is rooted in creative engagement, with projects ranging from commissioned art and design to strategic visioning and community impact initiatives, all centered around a common goal of empowering people to be excellent leaders in their organizations, teams, and in their personal lives

Our services were built for leaders, by leaders. People would come to us saying “Our people know how to get the job done, but they don't always know how to think creatively about it.” We can speak to both sides of the equation, and present new ways of thinking and new approaches with a strategic focus on tapping the collective insights of everyone. We became a bridge between companies, leaders and their teams.” For 30 years, the Morse Group has continued to do just that, constantly evolving to better bridge the gap between analytical and creative problem-solving. 

In recent years, the Morse Group has focused on cultivating leadership mindsets at all levels, championing the idea that leadership is not confined to titles but is a universal trait that can be nurtured and developed. Their innovative approaches to teaching and developing leadership include adventurous endeavors such as the "Mobilizing Leadership" initiative – a mobile leadership vehicle inspired by the limits that the COVID-19 pandemic presented. This 1999 Winnebago, gutted and renovated into a mobile meeting space, provides unique on-location and custom engagement programs. It is the conceptual reminder that leadership lives everywhere and can be accessible to everyone. 

It’s clear through Stacey’s stories that her personal and professional lives are closely intertwined. Photography remains a constant and a source of joy for her. “Photography is my space. It comes naturally. I see the world through the lens of a camera and the composition of a photo to capture what sparks my interest and curiosity. It is my personal way to explore various situations, places and people.”  

Travel is a passion for both her and her husband, with road trips and adventures fueling their personal and professional artwork. Backpacking trips would result in fantastic paintings and multitudes of photos, which they frequently put to use in the Morse Group. Their two children, raised amidst this backdrop of creativity and exploration, are pursuing their own passions through their careers—one in music and the other built programming using horses for leadership development. “In our professional lives, we try to put people on their own path, tied to where their talents and interests are,” Stacey says. “We’ve tried to do the same with them, and now they’re carving out their own lives. They’re both where they should be—who knows where they’ll go next?” 

Stacey Morse's story and career stand as a testament to the power of blending creativity with analytical thought, the importance of evolving and adapting, and the belief that leadership is a universal quality that exists in everyone.  

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